Arti in Vienna

A Puja is a fire ceremony from the Veden praising the Sanatan Dharma, the origin of all religions.

I am a Pujari (a Pujarini to be exact, however, the female term is not yet well established). I have become a Pujarini in Shakti Dhumi in Haidakhan in India.

I am living with a Murti – the “Haidakhan Deshvari Ma” – a stone figure representing the divine mother. During the daily Puja a Pujari makes himself aware that everything that exists is “God” and works in accordance with the law “energy follows concentration”. A Pujari cares for his Murti like a living being and through this maintains concentration on vitality. The Murti functions as a mirror to ourselves, a temple, as the Mother and as the Divine in us.

We celebrate the Puja using fire and water (both elements repeatedly reoccur in all religions) and singing the Arti. Arti is a ceremony outside of all religious denominations.

We are singing every second Wednesday of the month at 19:00.

If you are interested, you are welcome to use the room for meditation from 18:30 onwards. The Arti begins at 19:00.