Arti in Vienna

A Puja is a fire ceremony from the Veden praising the Sanatan Dharma, the origin of all religions.

I am a Pujari (a Pujarini to be exact, however, the female term is not yet well established). I have become a Pujarini in Shakti Dhumi in Haidakhan in India.

I am living with a Murti – the “Haidakhan Deshvari Ma” – a stone figure representing the divine mother. During the daily Puja a Pujari makes himself aware that everything that exists is “God” and works in accordance with the law “energy follows concentration”. A Pujari cares for his Murti like a living being and through this maintains concentration on vitality. The Murti functions as a mirror to ourselves, a temple, as the Mother and as the Divine in us.

We celebrate the Puja using fire and water (both elements repeatedly reoccur in all religions) and singing the Arti. Arti is a ceremony outside of all religious denominations.

We are singing every second Wednesday of the month at 19:00.

If you are interested, you are welcome to use the room for meditation from 18:30 onwards. The Arti begins at 19:00.


A few years ago the Haidakhan Spiritual Center Vienna was founded by the wish of Shri Muniraji. In these days only a very small group of Haidakhan devotees startet singing Arti on a regular base. By now we have a Babaji Temple with the Haidakhandeshvari Ma Murti and the group of Haidakhandis is growing and growing. Recently we had the joy to celebrate Christmas-arti and the New-Years-Puja with more than 40 people. It was very powerful and strong. It is amazing to see how Babaji works and how he brings people together…

Bhole Baba Ki Jay!
Jay Maha Maha Ki Jay!

Join us every other week in our Arti…