About HIAO


HIAO Healing is a direct way to control your own energy.
HIAO Healing teaches you to feel your great self - you overcome every fear.
HIAO Healing teaches you to be independend, self-determined and to heal yourself.
HIAO Healing lets you detect your huge "I AM".
HIAO Healing is the meeting point between heaven and earth.
HIAO Healing is Tat twam Asi - the unity with it.

HIAO is a sound that in itself carries the memory of what makes us human and the potential to what we are capable of if we debunk the illusions of personal boundaries. Through my connection to the spiritual world these powerful exercises and meditations return to Earth, to remind us of our power and strength and that it is the responsibility of every single one of us to unleash our potential in that altering our personal fate and in consequence the fate of the world.

My work has repeatedly shown me how important it is to remember old lore and incorporate it into our daily lives.

HIAO Healing is a powerful way to guide energy and use sound to trigger the healing process. If we discipline ourselves, we realise that every human being, regardless of his or her initial circumstances, is equipped with everything necessary to live a happy, healthy, prosperous and self-determined life. It requires discipline to learn how to employ the recovered wisdom about our energetic connectivity with our surroundings and emotions correctly.

About me

My personal healing and the healing process of the people I am guiding transpire in the perceptible understanding that we are the center in which life takes place. Within me, within here and now - nurtured from above, by the father and universal energy and from below, by the mother and strength of the Earth.

What people truly need, is someone, who encourages them to reach their full potential. I was fortunate enough to experience this particular guidance in the physical (heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Herbert Jöbstl) as well as in the spiritual world, which in turn has allowed me to be the same guidance to others through HIAO Healing, for many years.