Chanted Mantra – healing sound as a prayer


Mantras were sung in various cultures and religions throughout human history as a form of meditation. Since ancient times people were aware of the energy of vibration incurred by singing and its effect on the human spirit and psyche.

For HIAO Healing it is irrelevant that the Mantras originate from India. Around the globe and throughout all times people have used various tools to help them on their personal path through life. Mantras are the tool used by HIAO Healing. These particular mantras are sung in Sanskrit, a magnificent and powerful language. The melodies are atypical for India and fit into various cultures, in particularly into the western society.

The names of the deities, sung about in the Kirtan, help us release certain energies and stir up particular qualities. It is not necessary to set these deities into the context of Hinduism – everyone remains in his/her religion!

It is my great personal inclination to convey the idea that love and the breath, which enlivens all of us, cannot be classified and is independent of religious or ethnic affiliation. The one, who is able to sing with his/her full heart, is inadvertently filled with love.

This is all – that is.

There are numerous scientific studies that examine the effect of Mantras on the healing process and on our brain waves. Investigations have shown a correlation between Mantras and the vibrations of planets, geometrical figures (i.e.: Yantras) as well as the primary colours.

I cordially invite everyone to discover the personal effect of the Mantras on oneself.