HIAO Healing Courses & Workshops

The quickest way to channel your own energy
Learn to perceive your “Self” and overcome any kind of fears
Learn to be independent, self-determined and how to heal yourself
Discover your great “I AM”
The cross point between Heaven and Earth

Sound is not only the physical vibration detected by the ear, but exemplifies the nature of reality, which ultimately is vibration.

Fear is the most negative energy in our emotional spectrum and thus restrains us significantly in our endeavours. Through HIAO Healing we learn to perceive our “Self” and experience new self-confidence. HIAO Healing aims to trigger this self-confidence to overcome our fears and therefore, enabling us to live a free and self-determined life.

The realisiation and experience of our personal energetic state and the knowledge of how to influence our condition frees us from our dependency. Understanding our personal condition allows us to redefine our “Self” and empowers us to be the creator of our own lives.

The current energy structure of our bodies exhibits joyful, sorrowful or suppressed emotions. It tells of our attitude to life, the influence of our external environment (i.e.: society), inherited behaviour patterns or viewpoints (i.e.: viewpoints of parents) and our perception of the “Self”.

Experiences, which allow us to connect to mother Earth and the fatherly energy from above, make us to the cross point of Heaven and Earth…

Course Content

  • Realization of the personal energy structure
  • Learning how to channel personal energy
  • Experience of the “Self”
  • Easy physical exercises with vocal sounds
  • Meditation
  • Perception of the healing sound within us