Single Sessions

EnergiemeditationDespite the multiplicity of religions and different teachings, we still search for the answer to the question: “Why do we and everything around us exist?”

Especially the way religious teachings were conveyed didn’t seem to satisfy our longing for complete understanding as it was solely focused on the “Above”. Every prayer, every meditation.

My personal healing and the healing process of the people I am guiding transpire in the perceptible understanding that we are the center in which life takes place. Within me, within here and now - nurtured from above, by the father and universal energy and from below, by the mother and strength of the Earth.

What people truly need, is someone, who encourages them to reach their full potential. I was fortunate enough to experience this particular guidance in the physical as well as in the spiritual world, which in turn has allowed me to be the same guidance to others through HIAO Healing, for many years.

During the single sessions, one learns to understand his or her personal environment. The interconnectedness of oneself with one’s surroundings and learns to distinguish between illusions and reality. This is the way to freedom.